Monday, August 17, 2009

Must See YouTube Video


This is my August submission to the YouTube Mona Vie Smart Car competition.
It is the first video we ever did so be easy on us.
Please click the link and feel free to rate and comment.
Sighs...and here goes:

Thanks a bunch!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Introduction to Mona Vie

When I was first introduced to Mona Vie and especially the Acai berry, I couldn't believe how it was changing the lives of people whom were hurting both physically and financially. A gentleman who owned a trucking business with about 15 trucks and trailers brought me a magazine that featured Mona Vie as one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in the country. Of course, there were happy, healthy distributors basking in the sun standing in front of their Mercedes (which BTW the company gave them as a bonus) and I immediately wanted the lives those people were leading. Even standing still, they looked like they were having the time of their lives!
But I am not one to fall in head first for hype! So what if this company was dying to pay you and had eight ways to do it? So what if this company wanted to provide you with free trips to Costa Rica and Maui? So what if this company graciously gave you a Mercedes SL 550? So What?????
So what about the product? What about the price? What about the startup?
Well, as for the startup, $39 and a couple of cases of Mona Vie was no skin off my nose. I ran a conventional business as an owner operator in the logging industry and once you shell out thousands for equipment, insurance, licenses, taxes and not to mention fuel and maintenance, a few hundred dollars to start a business is like a dream come true!
But to be honest, after many days of research, it was the product that made me a believer! Hearing personal testimonies about how Mona Vie helped one person with their type 2 diabetes and another person can finally walk up a flight of stairs painlessly after suffering from fibromyalgia for years. Hearing how this guy's cholesterol dropped 40 points and this woman no longer had to soak her knees after work made realize what a phenomonal product this was!
All this in one little bottle from a company who doesn't say that it can cure, treat, or mitigate any disease! Then again, the company doesn't have to when the personal testimonies say it all!
No, it isn't a miracle drug designed in some secret lab of some omnipresent pharmaceutical company. It didn't take ten years to create and millions of dollars of lobbying the FDA to get it into hands of ailing consumers with great insurance plans. It isn't a magic pill that will make one symptom go away while creating another more menancing side effect. What Mona Vie isn't is truly the beauty of it and what it is is even more beautiful still!
Just 19 fruits (some of which you've never even heard of) with the Acai Berry being its crown jewel. A beverage packed so full of nutrition, antioxidents, and phytonutrients. A product that was created with the gifts that only Nature can provide us. Pure and Simple!
How beautiful is that?